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For the best possible results our targeted traffic will provide pin point accuracy in your campaign. 

This particularly applies if you are supplying a specialist product or service.

Information on targeting and uniqueness

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There are basically two things you need to consider when you think about traffic targeting. One is where the traffic comes from and the other is how the visitors are "chosen" to see your site. You may not know this, but many companies will try to fool you into thinking visitors are coming to your site by putting your site in a mini frame with a hundred others, using a script to generate hit after hit, etc. Try asking the competition where the visitors come from, we bet they won't tell you. Our visitors come from numerous places. If you purchase targeted visitors, they could come from Altavista, Lycos Network,, Netflip, and many other independent sites. For most of our untargeted traffic, the visitors are coming from traffic exchange services.

Well how on earth are we getting targeted visitors to you? The idea is simple. Sites like AltaVista have extremely targeted categories that get a lot of visitors. For example, someone may go to AltaVista and look for forums, articles, or information about running a home based business. Altavista's computers immediately look through their database of running campaigns and look for the campaigns targeted to business. They choose which of those sites need the visitor the most and they are immediately swept away to see your site.

We have investigated and sampled virtually every other traffic sources' services (of course we want to check out our competition) and have found NOBODY is selling traffic of this quality. Most of the targeted visitors are not even targeted. Ask them how they target their visitors, they probably won't even respond to your email.

Uniqueness of visitors is just as, if not more important than the targeting issue. When you are buying hits, or whatever you want to call them, you MUST know how unique the visitors are.  When companies refer to uniqueness of their visitors they will refer to it in an amount of time. As an example, 12hr. unique. This means that if they pop your site to a visitor, they record that person's IP address. If they come back and see your site again within that same 12hr time period from when they first saw your ad, it will not be counted again as another visitor. However if they come again more than 12hrs after the last time they were counted as seeing your site, they can be counted again, as another visitor. The same goes for 24hr unique, only this time a visitor will never be counted twice in the same 24 hr period no matter how many times they actually view your pop under ad.  Beware though when purchasing cheap traffic from other sources, they may not tell you how unique the visitors are. Many times they are only 1hr unique, or even worse they may be selling raw hits, which means every single time the person revisits or refreshes the page, it is counted as another visit, no matter how long it's been since they last visited.

With our campaign unique traffic, which is the best you can buy, no same IP address will be counted twice as a visit during the entire campaign period, no matter how many visitors you buy and no matter how long you want the campaign to run for. Every counted visitor will be a completely different person.

Please follow these instructions to purchase your targeted traffic:

1. Choose how many hits you would like to purchase - 10,000, 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000.

2.  Under your chosen number of hits, select one Target Website Category from the menu.

3.  Click the "Buy Now" button to be taken to  the Pay Pal website, and make your purchase right away!

Please ensure that you type your website URL into the "URL of Website" space when purchasing your hits through Pay Pal, or we won't be able to send you your hits!

We guarantee that all hits will be delivered in 30 days.

We guarantee that all traffic will come from the U.S.A. only

NOTE: Websites with Pop-ups, Pop-unders, sound or adult/XXX content cannot use this service.  See other Terms and Conditions.

10,000 hits - $60.00

US Target Website Category

25,000 hits - $130.00

US Target Website Category


50,000 hits - $200.00

US Target Website Category

100,000 hits  - $350.00

US Target Website Category

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